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Hello, I am Zara Long the founder of First Aid Buddies.

After a career as an Olympic swimmer, I worked as an operational member of the emergency services for many years. The devastation and tragedy I witnessed as a member of London’s emergency services is in stark contrast to the euphoria and success of my sporting career. When I joined the emergency services, it was a hard choice between that and a career in teaching. My inner educator became restless as I began to spend more time working with young people in the community. In order to create a safer place for our young people I have developed educational schemes of work that address risk, safety and well being.

The passion and vision of FAB is to educate all ages in the principles of risk and first aid. I believe that the younger we start this, the more compassionate, caring and willing to help we will be as a community.

Everyone should be given the opportunity to learn first aid skills and develop the confidence to act in a medical emergency. Research executed on behalf of the British Red Cross has shown that nearly 90% of 11-16-year-olds have been confronted with a medical emergency. I want all of those young people to be able to positively affect those situations, and to be physically and mentally safe in doing so. I would like to think that if I fall or become poorly at the shops, someone will come to my aid and have a good idea of what to do for me!

I hope that you feel the same way and I would welcome the opportunity to work with you, your staff, your pupils, their parents or grandparents. Or absolutely anyone who goes to the shops!


Zara Long
Emergency personel
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