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An interactive and exciting session on Anaphylaxis for up to 40 staff. the workshop consists of engaging group activities that enhance the learning experiance.

The newest research on Anaphylaxis is explained; the relationship between heat and the presentation of triggers. The HSE guidance and practical use of all types of adrenaline auto injectors is learnt and discussed.

This session is an exciting way to train all staff and can be delivered alongside asthma awareness or any other accredited or bespoke training that FAB offers.

Anaphylaxis symptoms

The learning outcomes are:

  • Identify & describe anaphylaxis including exercise induced anaphylaxis
  • Learn & understand potential triggers
  • Identify signs & symptoms of severe allergic reactions
  • Explain treatment and the legal position on the use of adrenaline
  • Identify, prepare and use all types of auto-injectors
  • Explore recent case studies of fatalities within schools
  • CPR and AED

The course can be enhanced and lead to the qualification called Immediate Management of Anaphylaxis, or a certificate of attendance can be issued to contribute to CPD.

Possible triggers

triggers for the allergic reaction

3 Types of Auto-injectors

  • Jext

  • Epi-pen

  • Emerade

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