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Year Groups 1 and 2

It’s never too early to enlist to become a First Aid Buddy.

FAB deliver a fun 40-minute safety and first aid workshop for FAB candidates. This session is can be delivered to pupils in the foundation stage, year 1 or 2.

This fantastic workshop is great practical and inspirational addition to the ‘People who help us’ topic within the National Curriculum and aligns with many areas of learning. Namely, personal, social and emotional development, and looking at ways of staying safe and healthy. The content will also help the pupils to understand the role of the emergency services in their world.

The initial part of the session involves learning the emergency number and taking part in our ‘safe – unsafe’ game. This activity uses many visual resources and the pupils identify the items as safe or not.

The pupils also learn the recovery position and practice this in pairs.

Ultimately the classroom turns into Catastrophe Close  and several of the pupils find themselves with made up injuries. They receive the appropriate treatment and if needs be, they are bandaged up and sent to our pretend hospital.

All pupils make a pledge, learn the FAB hand sign and receive a FAB sticker.

Catastrophe Close
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