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Year Groups 5 and 6

Our flagship FAB product is for year groups 5 and 6. The novel and exciting scheme of work is adaptable to numerous ways of delivery. It can either be embedded within the school day or as an after school club. The full body of content is:

  • Identifying and considering risk
  • Contacting and working with emergency personnel
  • Fire safety, fire escape and burns
  • Approaching and assessing a casualty and/or scene
  • Cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on an infant, junior and adult
  • How to use an automated external defibrillator (AED)
  • Primary and secondary survey
  • Choking procedure for infants, junior and adult
  • Anaphylaxis, allergies and the use of an auto-injector
  • Recognising and managing shock
  • Wounds, bleeding and the circulatory system
  • Fractures and bandaging
  • Seizures and epilepsy
  • Head and spinal injuries
  • Mental health first aid
FAB Graduates

The topics can be selected or delivered in full and can align with the school term structure. The FAB content can be delivered within the school day or as an after-school club. This flexibility means that your school can select the format that suits you from an operational and financial perspective.

The benefits of delivering the course within the school day are that the whole of the chosen year group can receive the content. The benefits of FAB being an afterschool club is that it will generate funds for the school from letting fees.

Pupils are given a fantastic folder that will hold their weekly notes and activities. They will also receive a novelty syringe pen and a CPR life key.

On the final week of the course the pupils demonstrate their learning with a creative drill called Calamity Street. This drill forms part of the First Aid Buddies Pass Out Ceremony. Parents, carers and all relevant staff are invited to watch the young people demonstrate their learning.

The pupils graduate as First Aid Buddies when they receive their FAB badges and certificates. They are formally identified as the First Aid Buddies in and around school. Then, the  pupils can assist and bridge the gap between the incident and the qualified first aider arriving.

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