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Here is the First Aid Buddies team! They will be teaching our FAB recruits, candidates and graduates all the information and skills that they need to help and be safe in an emergency.

Their names are Tom, Melody, Sinead and Luca.

They all have different strengths and skills. They are great friends but they don’t always agree. Regardless of differences and sometimes disagreements they work really hard as a team. They will always make sure that everyone is well looked after, not just physically but emotionally too.

tom think


Tom is quiet, but he is always thinking. He is the best at bandaging for bleeding or broken bones. He can be a little bit of a joker though and likes to tell silly jokes. For example – Doctor, doctor I think I’m a bridge. What’s come over you?



Melody is very caring, and she is always there if you need her. If you need a hug or some reassuring words – she is your girl! In her spare time she dances and sings in front of the mirror in her bedroom!



Sinead will consider all the things that you forget. This young lady is always thinking about risk. She is careful and cautious. Sinead likes horse riding and playing chess at the weekends.

cool lucas


Luca is our expert in CPR and using a defibrillator. Nothing phases him, he is cool and always matches the color of his shoes with his jumpers. When he isn’t helping people, he will be whizzing around on his skateboard.

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