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Epilepsy awareness training is a 2-hour bespoke workshop that gives an overview of seizures and epilepsy. The session will support all staff who work with pupils whom have epilepsy or seizures. It will also aid staff in identifying absence seizures. The information is delivered with the academic environment in mind and considers the implications on achievement.

Epilepsy Awareness Training
Brain with remote control

Topics covered are:

  • What is epilepsy and different syndromes
  • Signs and symptoms of seizures
  • What to do when a seizure occurs
  • Epilepsy in a wider context – impact on individual, school and their family and carers
  • The social, emotional and practical implications of living with epilepsy
  • Maintaining epilepsy with dignity and respect
  • CPR and AED

The session will cover the administration of medication however it will not lead to a formal qualification in the delivery of anti-epileptic drugs.

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