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Year Groups 3 and 4

FAB delivers a ‘FAB recruit’ session appropriate for pupils in year 3 and 4. The pupils take part in a 40-minute fun, practical and informative sessions. The aim to highlight the fact that anyone can positively affect an emergency, regardless of age. The spectrum of first aid is considered, showing that kind words and reassurance is also a form of first aid. The workshop is designed to build the pupils’ confidence in calling and liaising with emergency personnel.

Pupils will learn the importance and purpose of the recovery position and practise this Consideration is given to why someone might not respond when they talk to them. Pupils will earn how to check for breathing and gently touch upon the basic practical principles of CPR.

Fire awareness and safety is discussed. Pupils will learn the fundamental risks associated with fire and take part in creating a fire escape plan.

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FAB Recruits
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