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There are more and more defibrillators available in public places, such as train stations, shopping centres, airports, leisure centres and schools. This 90-minute interactive and practical workshop will ensure that all staff have the knowledge, skills and confidence to use this life saving piece of equipment. No prior knowledge of first aid is required.

Sinead carrying AED (1)
Defibrillator (AED) Familiarisation

The learning outcomes are:

  • Learn responsibilities in a medical emergency
  • To be familiar with AED functions & batteries
  • Understand the paediatric facility
  • Practise the defibrillation process in conjunction with CPR
  • Be aware of safety precautions

The workshop places the AED in the chain of survival and uses the standard mannikins to practise with the device. If your establishment has an AED in situ, then the functions of that brand will be discussed and learnt.

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